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Human Dignity

Legislation that declares the self-evident truth that begins at conception and continues until natural death. 

Dignity of Women and Children 

The Problem:  Planned Parenthood’s California Future of Abortion Council’s (“Abortion Council”) report is a comprehensive “list of legislative, executive, and administrative actions for state policymakers to implement in order to meet the needs of people seeking abortions.” It contains 45 specific legislative policy recommendations designed to funnel state money into their abortion business model. They plan to lobby California legislators to leverage taxpayers’ dollars to kill babies.
Pro-life advocates must work with California legislators on both sides of the aisle to 1) inform and educate them about the current resources available for women considering abortion; 2) explain what additional state support or legislation would help the existing pro-life network serve all women in need; and 3) advocate pro-life legislative policies to protect both women and unborn babies from harm.  

The Right to Life League proposes the following legislative priorities to promote the human dignity of both women and child.
  • Fully fund life-saving healthcare for all stages of pregnancy, including well-woman prenatal care, prenatal vitamins, prenatal medical visits, OB/GYN delivery and fertility treatments to assist women in fertility care, excluding treatments in which the destruction of embryonic children occur.

  • Fully fund the cost of childbirth in medical hospitals to support a woman’s choice for life.

  • Fund a network of maternity homes to provide free housing to pregnant women in crisis.

  • Fund child care for pregnant women facing underemployment.

  • Fund education grants and scholarships to support economic opportunity and job training for women choosing life for their children.

  • Fund medical drug rehab programs to support pregnant women in their struggle to improve their health and the health of their unborn child.

  • Fund child care for families. Other countries commonly cover up to 75% of child care expenses for all families whereas the U.S. pays next to nothing and leaves child care expenses to mothers/families.

  • Enact legislation declaring the self-evident truth that life begins at conception and continues until natural death. 

  • Resolve that abortion – the intentional dismemberment of a living human being in the womb – is a form of torture. Enact legislation banning abortion procedures on all living fetuses as torture.

  • Mandate ultrasound and second medical opinions to confirm the life of the mother or child is in mortal danger prior to attempting any premature delivery of the baby.

  • Enact legislation requiring humane premature delivery of babies facing non-survivable gestational challenges or abnormalities. When premature delivery of a living unborn baby is medically necessary to save the life of the mother, an OB/GYN doctor must perform the delivery in a medical hospital under anesthesia to ensure the safety of the woman and the humane, pain-free delivery of the premature baby. 

  • Mandate life-supporting medical treatment be provided at all premature deliveries to give the premature child a chance to survive. 

  • Require all medical facilities to issue birth certificates for all babies, whether delivered at full term or prematurely delivered, to recognize the dignity of life and to properly track data on premature births.

  • Forbid the harvesting of fetal tissue and babies' body parts for research. Women’s bodies and preborn babies are being used for profits and research. Health care facilities and doctors should face meaningful fines and criminal penalties for failure to strictly adhere to humane delivery conditions for all premature delivery.

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