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How to Submit a Position Letter 

First, create a letter of opposition:

  1. Your letter should have a letterhead and should include a signature.  

  2. Tailor as desired to reflect your perspective of your organization and/or why this bill is necessary. Personal stories are important!

  3. Save your letter as a PDF. You will upload it into the legislative portal in a moment.

Next, create an account with the position letter portal (one time thing):

The California Legislature will only accept letters received through an online portal system called California Advocates.

Create an account here, if you do not already have one. 

  1. Follow the prompts and fill out the necessary information to set up your account.

  2. Now you're ready to submit your letter of opposition.

Once you have an account, and are signed into the portal

  1. Select the “Submit a Letter” (top left corner).    

  2. Enter the bill number (AB 123 or SB 123, as appropriate) and session type (Regular). Select “Search.”

  3. Ensure that the proper bill has populated and select “Next.”

  4. On the “Submit Letter as” page, either select or enter your organization or yourself.

  5. Ensure that the correct Committee is selected. This will ensure that the appropriate legislative staffer will receive a copy of your letter. Select “Next.” 

  6. Upload your letter. Select “Oppose” under “Stance,” and enter a subject line.

  7. You will be prompted to a final “Review Your Submission” page where you can make sure the information you entered is accurate. 

  8. Once you've done so, select “Submit.”

You're done! You are a pro-life superhero!

Click HERE to watch how to submit a position letter.

How to Track a Bill

Check Bill Status 

  1. Visit California Legislative Information and create an account.

  2. Search for the bill you would like to track.​

  3. Hit “Track Bill” in the upper right hand corner.

  4. Use the status tab at the top of the page to discover which committee your bill is in and the date of the next hearing

Visit the Committee’s website to find the time of the hearing and deadline for position letters.

  1. Position letters are due on different days at different times depending on the committee. 

  2. Keep checking.

Click HERE to watch how to track a bill in the California legislature. 

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