How to Track a Bill

  1. Check Bill Status 

    1. Visit California Legislative Information and create an account.

    2. Search for the bill you would like to track.

    3. Hit “Track Bill” in the upper right hand corner.

    4. Use the status tab at the top of the page to discover which committee your bill is in and the date of the next hearing

  2. Visit the Committee’s website to find the time of the hearing and deadline for position letters.

    1. Position letters are due on different days at different times depending on the committee. 

Click HERE to watch how to track a bill in the California legislature. 

How to Submit a Position Letter 

  1. Follow this link to the California Legislature Position Letter Portal 

  2. Create an account 

    1. If you are a registering as an individual citizen, you will click "no" on being a registered lobbyist​

      1. It will then ask for your name, address, and email. ​

    2. If you are registering as a representative of a company, you will click "no" to being a registered lobbyist and "yes" to representing a an organization, registered or otherwise.

      1. If it is a new organization, you will have to enter its name agin under "I can't find my organization" tab.​

      2. It will then ask for your name, the address of your organization, and the business email. 

    3. Once you have finished this process, check your email for your temporary password that will allow you to sign into your account 

  3. Once signed in, you will see a tab in the top right hand corner that says “Submit a Letter”

  4. You  will then enter your bill number, for example, SB-245, into the search bar and indicate whether or not it is in a regular session.

  5. A list of different versions of the bill will drop down, you will want to oppose the most recent version of the bill as that is the one that will be presented in committee.

  6. If you have a business account and a personal account, you will choose which account you will want to submit the letter from. 

  7. You will then choose which committee you would like to submit the letter to.

    1. You can find out which committee your bill is in by using the California Legislative Information website.

  8. Next, you will chose whether or not you are submitting a support or an opposition letter and upload your bill to the portal.

  9. Lastly, you will click "preview" button to double check all of your information before hitting "submit position letter"

Click HERE to watch how to submit a position letter.

How to Call into a Hearing 

  1. Pull up the committee website.

  2. Dial the phone number provided.

  3. Once on the line, enter the access code.

  4. Listen until you hear your bill being called.

  5. Once they ask for callers to voice their opinions, hit 1 then 0 on your phone.

    1. The operator will tell you which line you are on.​

    2. Note: The committee calls all of the supporters as once and all of the opposers at once, try to make sure you hit 1-0 when your position is called. ​

  6. After they call you number, (ie. line 123) make sure you are not muted, and then state your name, the organization you represent, or if you are calling as a private citizen, and whether or not you support the bill.​

Click HERE to watch how to call into a legislative hearing.