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Understanding California

What was Prop 1?

“The state shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions, which includes their fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and their fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives. . .”

Prop 1 presents an ongoing threat to both public health and the protection of women and children for the following reasons: 

  • "Reproductive freedom" as a fundamental constitutional right may override existing laws that protect children and public health.

  • Minors may be able to consent to sex at any age and with anyone.

  • Girls and women may sell eggs and rent their wombs to anyone - including private firms for profit - without state oversight or restrictions.

  • Minors may consent to mutilating gender reassignment surgeries and permanent hormone blockers without parental consent or even knowledge.

  • Existing public health bans on incest and polygamy may be overridden because they also interfere with sexual freedom.

  • State regulation of abortion clinics and abortionists could be deemed unconstitutional interference with someone's right to choose a type of reproductive care.​

We do not know how expansive this undefined "reproductive freedom" could get.

History of RTLL Opposition: 

​HR 78 and SR 63 - Resolutions affirming Roe v. Wade

SCA 10 aka "Prop 1" to amend state constitution to create a right to individual "reproductive freedom."

Assembly Bills:

2021-'22 Legislative Session

AB 2626 Protects Abortionists from discipline

AB 2586 Abortion grants as Reproductive Justice

AB 2223 Decriminalizes Infanticide

AB 2134 Reproductive Health Fund Abortion grants

AB 1940 School-based Reproductive health care

                     (VETOED by Newsom)

AB 1666 Ignores out-of-state abortion judgments

AB 1918 Abortion Scholarships

AB 2091 Ignores out-of-state abortion subpoenas

AB 657 Fast-tracks Abortion Licensing

AB 1242 Ignores out-of-state abortions warrants

AB 2320 Abortion access in rural counties

                     (VETOED by Newsom)

AB 254 Extended CMIA privacy protections for digital data

                  (Bill died in Senate)

AB 315 and AB 710 Targets pro-life Clinics for false advertising 

                  (Both bills died in the legislature)


2023-'24 Legislative Session

AB 1720 Regulation of Ultrasounds

AB 352 Shields Abortion Data

AB 492 Funding for Reproductive Health Program

                  (Held up in Senate Committee in June 2023)

AB 571 Forces medical malpractice insurance to cover comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care.

AB 576 Reimburses Medi-Cal for chemical abortions

                     (VETOED by Newsom)

AB 583 Sets up program to pay for full spectrum doula support

                  (Bill died in Assembly)

AB 793 Hides digital data related to those accessing abortion services

                  (Held up in Senate Committee in June 2023)

AB 1194 Extends CPRA protections to hide abortion data

AB 1432 Requires insurance providers to cover abortion

                     (VETOED by Newsom)

Senate Bills:

2021-'22 Legislative Session

SB 1131 Protecting Identity of Abortion Workers

SB 1142 Abortion Tourism

SB 1245 Los Angeles County Abortion Haven

SB 1375 Lowers professional standards for abortions

SB 532 “Reproductive health decisions” new civil right


2023-'24 Legislative Session

SB 36 Made it illegal to serve out-of-state warrants concerning abortions on people in CA

               (Bill died in Senate)

SB 345 Bar warrants from other states if the subject matter concerns "reproductive freedoms"

SB 385 Physicians Assistants can conduct 1st trimester abortions without doctor supervision

SB 487 Tries to nullify other states' abortion laws

All bills became law unless otherwise stated. 

If we have one, click on legislation to read RTLL opposition letters. 

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