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AB 1665: Trafficking A Minor is a Violent Felony.

Amends state penal code to add trafficking of a minor as a violent felony.

AB 1785: California Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

Requires schools to post sex ed curriculums online for convenient parental review. 

AB 1937: Medi-Cal Pregnancy Expense Accounts. This bill would create a health expense account program for pregnant Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Subscribers would be eligible for reimbursement for “out-of-pocket pregnancy related costs.” It would make giving birth affordable for low income women on Medi-Cal.

AB 2199: Birthing Justice for CA Families. 

Creates a pilot project for low-income families providing healthcare support necessary to choose childbirth. 

AB 2502: Foster Care Benefit Expansion. This bill expands benefits and protects minors in foster care.


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AB 2529: Health Care Training

Increases education and training in maternity health care and expands the number of trained mid-wives and physician assistants (PAs) for improved maternity care in the state.  

NOTE: AB 1375 will allow newly trained mid-wives and PAs to replace doctors when assessing fetal viability for abortions.

SB 1222: Giving Parents Online Access to Sex Ed Materials. Promotes transparency of school curriculum. This bill will require schools post  comprehensive sex education materials online so parents may review materials conveniently to decide whether to opt children out of certain topics.

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SB 742: Censorship Zones


SB-742 criminalizes First Amendment activity outside most abortion clinics. The measure is in litigation.

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AB 1666: Countering Texas Heartbeat Law.  If passed, California will not recognize and will refuse to enforce other state’s civil judgments against those convicted of participating in an abortion in violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

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League's 1st Opposition Letter

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AB 1918: Abortion Scholarships.

Establishes a massive taxpayer-funded scholarship program to train students to perform abortions and pay for all related education costs, including loan forgiveness. Scholarships are conditioned on willingness to perform abortions.

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AB 1940: School Based Health Centers. 

Expands a "school-based health centers" program to improve student health in K-12 schools, including "reproductive healthcare services" which is code for chemical and surgical abortions. 

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AB 2091: Hiding Out-Of-State Abortions. 

Companion to AB 1666. Declares other states’ subpoenas null and void, effectively protecting sexual abusers or abortionists fleeing prosecution in other states.

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AB 2134: No Cost Abortion Services. 

Provides grants to abortion providers and forces private health insurers to advocate for pro-abortion coverage.


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AB 2223: Legalizing Infanticide. 

Decriminalizes infanticide by including "perinatal death due to pregnancy-related causes." The bill doesn't define the term. But it doesn't have to. Read why latest amendments to the bill do nothing in the articles linked below.

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League's 1st Opposition Letter

League's 2nd Opposition Letter

League's Article on AB 2223 

League's 2nd Article on AB 2223

League's 3rd Article on AB 2223

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AB 2320: Pilot Program to Fund Clinics.

Recently amended language has removed our concerns on this bill. Creates taxpayer subsidies for primary care clinics in selected rural and urban counties to improve access to health care. It does not seem to expand abortion at this time.

League's Opposition Letter

AB 2586: Abortion Disparity/"FAKE Clinics".  

Funds abortion clinics, and targets pro-life clinics for elimination, labeling them as "fake clinics" and sets up a committee designed to eliminate them. 

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AB 2626: Physician Discipline 

Prohibits the California Medical board from revoking the certificate of a physician and surgeon solely for performing an abortion so long as they performed the abortion in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the Reproductive Privacy Act.

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AB 2698: Defines Unauthorized Abortions.

Makes a technical, nonsubstantive change to the wording of existing law defining what constitutes an unauthorizes abortion. It adds the word "the" to the existing law. 

SB 1131: Confidentiality for Abortionists

Shields contact information including home address of both election workers and reproductive health care workers to protect them from "harassment." 


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SB 1142: Funding Abortion Tourism.

Provides taxpayer funding for “direct logistical and practical support” for abortion patients to travel to California, including travel, hotel, lost wages, and childcare while the mother is getting taxpayer funded abortion in California. 

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League's 1st Opposition Letter

League's 2nd Opposition Letter

SB 1245: Abortion "Save Haven".

Funds a pilot program to expand abortion access in Los Angeles County as a hub for abortion tourism. 

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League's 1st Opposition Letter

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SB 1375: Eliminating Abortion Safety Standards.

Eliminates standardized procedures and physician oversight of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) performing abortions. Permits assessment of fetal viability by NPs, certified nurse-midwives, and physician assistants instead of doctors.

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League's 1st Opposition Letter

League's 2nd Opposition Letter

SB 1400: Private Action for Doxxing Abortion Workers 

Creates a special private cause of action against anyone who publically posts identifying information or photos of abortion service patients, providers, or assistants. This builds upon SB 742, increase the damages to no less than $25,000. SB 742 is still on hold pending litigation.

Bad Laws

SB 245 "Free Abortion" Bill is now a Bad Law


Gov. Newsom signed the “Free Abortion” bill into law on March 22, 2022. The law will force all insurance companies to subsidize costs of abortions, making abortion "free" for women -- no deductibles, no co-pays whatsoever. The bill will also fund anything all abortion and abortion-related services, including preabortion and followup services.

AB 1356 Bans Pro-Life Speech


AB 1356 creates both a criminal action as well as a private cause of action for a special plaintiff class to sue anyone who posts images or videos taken on public property showing images of abortion providers, their employees, or patients. There is no exception for George Floyd-style videos showing crimes against peaceful pro-life protestors. The League's and others' vehement opposition resulted in a narrow exception for news reporting.

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AB 1184: Keeps Secrets from Parents - Insurance Copays 

AB 1184 forces insurance companies to keep secrets from parents. It bars insurance companies from informing policyholders about copays for minors' medical procedures, including abortion, puberty blockers, and sex-change operations.

SB 380: Fast Assisted Suicide

SB 380 eliminates the 15-day waiting period safeguard from California’s assisted suicide End of Life Option Act. It cuts the wait time to request "aid-in-dying" medication from 15 days down to a mere 48 hours. The waiting period is necessary to make sure that the person is not being impulsive or coerced.